The intention of this is for any person or organization to be able to use the tool to display an RSS feed from within their organization or externally on a monitor in a lobby, dining area or anywhere people congregate.

This is my first attempt at an open source project and I'm actually pretty proud of it, but we will see how it goes. I took feed2js (which uses Magpie RSS) and a jQuery Cycle Plug-in, combined them, made a few modifications and created this.

Feedback, suggestions or questions can be sent to gro.ezagla@siuol



How do I show the slideshow in full screen?

First change your browser to fullscreen, resize the text to get it to the desired size and refresh your browser page so the item is displayed. Each of these steps for different operating systems and browsers are listed below:

Operating SystemBrowserFullscreenResize TextRefresh
WindowsInternet ExplorerF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll WheelF5
WindowsFirefoxF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll WheelF5
WindowsChromeF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll WheelF5
WindowsSafariF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll WheelF5
MacSafariKinda can't be donecmd + and cmd -CMD R
MacFirefoxshift cmd fcmd + and cmd -F5
MacChromeshift cmd fcmd + and cmd -cmd r
LinuxFirefoxF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll WheelF5
LinuxChromeF11Ctrl Mouse Scroll Wheel or Ctrl + and Ctrl -F5

Planned Features