Make your selections below and select the "Slideshow" button to start your slideshow. Check out this Example to test it out.

Feed URL
Enter the web address of the RSS Feed (must be in http:// format, not feed://).
Note: Please verify the URL of your feed (make sure it presents raw RSS) and check that it is valid before using this form.
After starting slideshow, you can fullscreen your browser.


Select Style
Select a style
input a transition or several separated by commas, Transition options
Random Transitions
if multiple effects are specified

Feed Channel

Show channel Information?
All items (title, description & image)
title & description only
title only
No Channel Information

Feed Items

Number of items to display.
Enter the number of items to be displayed (enter 0 to show all available)
Show/Hide item descriptions? How much?
-1 = no item title, just item content
0 = no content, just title
1 = show full content
>1 = display first n characters of content
Show item author?
Show item posting date?
Randomize Items
view items in random order
No Wrap
only show each item once


Automatic Fullscreen
Planned future functionality; to bring to full screen select F11 and then F5 to refresh page.
Open Slideshow in full screen Browser
Time to display each item in milliseconds
Transition time in, in milliseconds
Transition time out in milliseconds
show items in reverse order
Pause slideshow on mouse hover


Time Zone Offset
(+n/-n/'feed') Date and timer are converted to GMT time; to have display in local time, you must enter an offset from your current local time to Mon, 15 Jul 2024 03:19:46 +0000 (GMT). If your local time is 5 hours before GMT, enter -5. If your local time is 8 hours past GMT, enter +8. Fractional offsets such as +10:30 must be entered as decimal +10.5. If you prefer to just display the date is recorded in the RSS, use a value = feed
Target links in the new window?
n="no, links open the same page"
y="yes, open links in a new window"
"xxxx" = open links in a frame named 'xxxx'
'popup' = use a JavaScript function popupfeed() to open in new window
Use HTML in item display?
preserve paragraphs only
UTF-8 Character Encoding
use UTF-8 character encoding
Required for many non-western language web pages and also may help if you see strange characters replacing quotes in your output (see help pages for more information).
Podcast enclosures
For RSS 2.0 feeds with enclosures, display link to media files